Trip to the town of Khonabad, Andijan region

With the participation of teachers and students was organized trip with the motto “Travel around Uzbekistan!” to the town of Khonabad, Andijan region.

According to the travel schedule, they visited the “Fozilmon ota” sanctuary. They got acquainted with the long history of the shrine and the legends associated with it.

Afterwards, the students visited the “Oltin O’rda” resort, which specializes in ethnographic and gastronomic tourism, and learned about the cultural history and traditions of the region. They got acquainted with the hospitality of Kyrgyz and Kazakh people. They were a guest of the Yurt and ate Kyrgyz national dishes.

Then they visited the “Khonabad” sanatorium for health tourism, where they got acquainted with the conditions created with modern requirements and a wide range of treatments for clients at the sanatorium. The students met with locals and guests who are recovering at the sanatorium.

Located in the highlands of Khonabad, the “Ring of Spectators” gave the students a special mood. They watched the nature of the town from above and raised the ISMA flag. Returning to the lower part of the “Friendship” highway, to the center of the town, was also an interesting moment of the trip.

Teachers and students were satisfied with the trip and took photos at the above addresses.

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