ISMA Student Council

The aim of ISMA Student Council is to support the achievement of students goals and aspirations, as well as to defend their interests and rights, and to contribute to the improvement of the study process and the resolution of important student life issues and the development of social activity.



Our goals

  • to represent student interests of ISMA Branch in Uzbekistan
  • to cooperate with ISMA administration
  • to promote ISMA student life in Uzbekistan, Latvia and other countries
  • ensure that students fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with internal regulations
  • to promote ISMA news and ISMA Student life in social networks

Our tasks

  • to organize entertainment and cultural events for ISMA students
  • to participate in local and international exhibitions and conferences
  • to promote important information from ISMA University in Latvia in ISMA Branch in Uzbekistan
  • to create a link and an information exchange between ISMA administration and ISMA students
  • to support and implement meaningful initiatives of young people

ISMA SC Regulations