Practical seminar on business management on May 24

On May 24, 2023, a practical seminar on business management was organized under the guidance of the Director of the program “Business Administration”, Dr.oec, Professor Viktoriia Riashchenko. First, the students visited the Ferghana Regional Mayor’s Office and got acquainted with its working hours, management structure, requirements for civil servants, benefits and opportunities. After that, the students visited an agro-industrial enterprise in the Kuva district. Also, during the trip, students visited the archaeological site “Gubbo” in the center of the Kuva district and the ecotourism center “Arsif”.

Practical open lectures organized by ISMA in Fergana at the enterprises of Fergana and Kuva were an undoubted success. By providing students with direct access to the industry environment, these lectures provided them with practical skills and knowledge that will surely define their future careers. The experience gained during these lectures instilled in students a sense of collaboration and community, highlighting the interdependence between business and the local community.

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