ISMA Charity Club

ISMA Charity Club is opened by the students of ISMA Fergana Branch.

We are a closely-knit and friendly team. Our goal is to help people in need. Nowadays, not many people are kind and concern for the lives of other, who are less well-off citizens of our country. We cannot ensure a prosperous life for everyone, but we are able to help a large number of people.

Since the founding of ISMA Charity Club, our team has implemented several projects. On the eve of 2020, we visited the House of Mercy. A large team of ISMA students and teachers visited the elderly to provide them with everything they needed, and most importantly – attention.

Our activists also visited cancer patients at hospitals and at their homes together with Ezru Amal.

Now ISMA Charity Club actively supports those in need through Telegram platform. In the first six months of this year there are 4200 subscribers to our channel.

We are grateful to each member of our club and are glad to see that kindness is still the truest sign that we are humans, our hearts are open and full of good intentions.

Join us! We are waiting and appreciate every kind heart.