English and Psychology for students of the ISMA branch in Uzbekistan

On January 15, 2020 ISMA Fergana Branch started work in one of the oldest public buildings of the city – the historic building of the House of Officers, which was built in 1878 after the project of civil engineer Sinclair led by Governor General Skobelev.

The premises of the former House of Officers were transferred for use to ISMA Fergana Branch by the decision of the Fergana Region hokim.

The building is renovated completely in accordance with the latest achievements of construction technology, the lecture rooms are equipped with high-end devices, comfortable space is available for students and administration’s work and leisure, the library provides access to professional literature. At the same time, the exterior and interior of the building retain their unique historical image.

ISMA Fergana Branch has been operating for more than a year based on the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromiyevich Mirziyoyev, made on September 26, 2018. ISMA Fergana Branch is in close cooperation with Fergana State University, and this cooperation will go on in the new premises.

Students of ISMA Fergana Branch study on the European programmes which are of high priority in Uzbekistan: Business Administration and Business Administration in Tourism. The study process is implemented by the academic staff both from Uzbekistan and from Riga, who are lecturing in English. The European diploma will make it possible for graduates to be employed as in Uzbekistan as in any country of the world.

The building of the former House of Officers has always been the centre of education and culture for the citizens of Fergana. Following this tradition ISMA Fergana Branch is opening the European Centre of Culture and Science for the citizens of Fergana and the region.

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